Rooibos NewsArchive

Rooibos and Honeybush may be useful in the treatment of prostate and breast cancer
German television explains how Rooibos is grown
Rooibos Ltd featured on kykNET's Ontbytsake programme
Country Life publishes article on "Rooibos Central"
Wild & Jag / Game & Hunt explores the tea bushes of the West Coast
Rooibos Route launches its new logo
Rooibos Ltd brand is going places
Rooibos Research Association shares research findings
Visitors to Rooibos Ltd
Rooibos Ltd meets EU and USA environmental standards thanks to solar power
Visitors from Milan and Cape Town spend time at Rooibos Ltd
The positive impact of UTZ certification on Rooibos farmers
Get a bird's-eye view of the world of Rooibos
Tea companies from Germany, the USA and China visit Rooibos Ltd in Clanwilliam
Classic FM interviews Rooibos Ltd MD Martin Bergh
Launching Rooibos drinks in Taiwan
Rooibos Ltd cuts costs with more solar panels
Rooibos Ltd receives award from Clanwilliam Chamber of Commerce
Hosting visitors from the USA, Sri Lanka and the UK
Watch video of Rooibos Ltd's MD interview on KykNET
Rapport: Teatime - the story of Rooibos
Elsenburgforum interviews Rooibos Ltd's MD and Communication Manager
Products of origin: the real value of Geographic Indicator status for Rooibos
Rooibos Ltd involved in opening of Finbond Arts Centre in Clanwilliam
Clanwilliam Emerging Farmer Expo supported by Rooibos Ltd
Rooibos Ltd supports the Nieuwoudtville Academy
Christel Ruiters competes at SA Athletics with Rooibos Ltd sponsorship
Augsburg's first netball team plays in Rooibos Ltd branded clothing
Clanwilliam Rugby Club receives new gear from Rooibos Ltd
Rooibos Ltd supports riel dancing, SA oldest dance form
Rooibos Ltd sponsors sports, an old-age home and an educational tour
Rooibos Ltd sponsors prizes for wildflower photo competition
Rooibos upgrades its exhibition at the Clanwilliam Museum
See new Rooibos exhibition at Clanwilliam's Information Office
Clanwilliam Veld Flower Bowls Tournament
Rooibos Ltd sponsored Clanwilliam Wildflower Festival brochures
Freshpak Fitness Festival celebrates Clanwilliam200 and draws record number of entries
Clients and media from all over the world visit Rooibos Ltd
Rooibos Ltd brand on the move
Displaying Rooibos in high places
For the love of Rooibos
Using Rooibos in a myriad of ways
Storm in a teacup finally over for South Africa's Rooibos
Experience tastes, treats and true hospitality on new Rooibos Route
Clients and media from all over the world visit Rooibos Ltd
Laager introduces its new Rooibos packaging
South African craft beer brewery launches Rooibos-infused lager
Clients and media from around the world visit Rooibos Ltd
Rooibos Ltd's Colette Cronjé spends time with clients in Japan
Promotion in Japan for Itoen's "Healthy Rooibos Tea"
Rooibos Ltd and farmers initiate Rooibos Research Association
Oprah and Starbucks team up to create chai tea with Rooibos
Rooibos Ltd's new representative in the USA
ITO EN flights TV commercial to launch Rooibos drink in Japan
Rooibos Ltd hosts clients and media from around the world
Take a bird's eye view of Rooibos Ltd's powerful solar panels
14th Clanwilliam Arts & Lantern Festival, supported by Rooibos Ltd
Three CANSA Relay for Life teams sponsored by Rooibos Ltd
Arts, good food and get-togethers at the Cederberg Rooibos Arts Festival
Rooibos Ltd sponsors Riel-dancing championships
Rooibos Ltd brings triathlete champion to Freshpak Fitness Festival
Clanwilliam hosts Arts and Lantern Festival, supported by Rooibos Ltd.
Rooibos Ltd report back: tea expo, golf sponsorship and training
Rooibos & Cederberg Arts Festival: teaming up to grow local talent
Freshpak Fitness Festival 2012
Essex Cricket Club gets cricket kit from Rooibos Ltd
Clan F/C plays soccer in Rooibos-branded clothing
Rooibos Ltd sponsors Op die Berg Rugby Club shirts
Rooibos Ltd sponsors ComNet youths' trip to Cape Town
Producer price of Rooibos increases
The world is taking note of Rooibos
Production training helps to ensure future of Rooibos
Rooibos Ltd logo on truck puts brand on the road
Rooibos Ltd makes the most of Movember
Rooibos Ltd opens new office in Sri Lanka
New regulation protects the use of the name Rooibos
Rooibos Ltd announces its Producer of the Year
Helping Rooibos farmers with certification process
Rooibos Ltd provides safety training to producers
Rooibos Ltd cuts costs with solar panels
BOS Ice Tea uses viral video to launch its Rooibos energy drink
Die Welt runs journalist Andrea Tapper's article on Rooibos
Rooibos Ltd confirms quality with additional logo
Get rotation right, says leading Rooibos Ltd producer Willie Nel
SA Journalists get to experience impact of UTZ Rooibos
Joekels prepares to open up tea market in Africa
Freshpak Rooibos flights new TV commercial
Taiwan market gets to know benefits of Rooibos
Magazine PR campaign drives Rooibos sales during hot Japanese summer
Rooibos producer Willie Nel is UTZ Producer of the Month
Tea packer Joekels achieves global food safety certification
Roispresso becomes lifestyle drink in London
Diplomats drink Rooibos at SA-Bulgarian Business Forum
Fair Cape Dairies' Rooiboost drinking yoghurt gets global recognition
Visitors from around the world welcomed at Rooibos Ltd
In memoriam: Rooibos Ltd director Wiltie Eaton
Aspalathin - the key to what makes Rooibos unique
Rooibos gets its own sensory wheel, just like wine and coffee
Rooibos Ltd. Crop and currency projections for 2013
Rooibos Espresso launched in Slovenia
CNN Marketplace Africa interviews Rooibos Ltd's MD
Bloomberg News covers Rooibos industry outlook
Aljazeera discusses Rooibos and climate change
WP Women's Golf Tournament supported by Rooibos Ltd
Rooibos Ltd takes first step into Middle East market
Report back on exhibitions in Germany and the UAE
Hosting visitors from Germany, Canada and California, USA
Tetley's connection with Zeekoeivlei Rooibos farm in Clanwilliam
Dress made of Rooibos tea bags at J&B Met
Out of Africa experience in Australia
What do current market conditions hold for 2012?
It's about quality: Upgrading Rooibos Ltd's main processing line
Producer of the Year Award and Other Achievements
Tetley Launches Rooibos with Rainforest Alliance Certification
Boost for BOS brand
Fair Cape Dairies' Yoghurts with Rooibos Win Innovation Awards in Italy
Presentation on Rooibos - Jessica Viljoen
More than R2 Million for local Rooibos research in 2012
Upgrading of Rooibos Ltd's main processing line - final phase

Rooibos Ltd. at World Tea Expo, Las Vegas
Rooibos recipe book launched in Holland
Dutch recipe book
WP Women's Golf
UTZ and Rainforest Alliance certification for Rooibos Ltd
Rooibos Ltd receives Business of the Year Award
Our Packaging Department received HACCP Award 2010
We attended the Biofach and Gulfood expos
Rooibos Espresso
GOURMAND Awards 2009
The new Rooibos cookbook