Rooibos a miracle cure?

The South African Rooibos Council is investing in new research to better understand the plant’s health benefits. The Council has invested R4,5 million into studying claims that Rooibos reduces symptoms of allergies, heart disease, diabetes and skin cancer. Scientists will also investigate the impact of Rooibos on gut flora, and the extent to which it can lessen the side-effects of anti-retroviral therapy.

Rooibos Council spokesperson Adele du Toit said the council wants to look at how many benefits a consumer can get from a simple cup of tea. The research will be done at institutions such as Stellenbosch University and the Cape Peninsula University of Technology.

Watch video on research announcement here:

Rooibos a miracle cure?

Rooibos miracle cure?

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Rooibos a miracle cure?