Rooibos Limited Launches New Corporate Website

Rooibos Limited, the preferred supplier of Rooibos around the world, has launched a brand new corporate site this week. The company acknowledges the fact that the digital landscape is ever-evolving and that in order to maintain a prominent online presence, the updated website was a necessity.

Their new website is the go-to destination for any information related to Rooibos and the Rooibos industry. As one of the biggest players in the Rooibos industry, Rooibos Limited can offer a wealth of information about this wonder plant to individual consumers as well as their clients who buy Rooibos in bulk from the company. As such, the website now contains a dynamic photo gallery, an updated FAQ section, a news page featuring all the latest Rooibos news and newsletter that Rooibos Limited distributes on a weekly basis, and more! 

Of course, when commissioning a new website one of the first things that developers need to bear in mind is mobile-friendliness. According to Statista, a leading source for statistics regarding online trends, about 82% of all daily internet traffic comes from mobile devices, like smartphones and tablets. There is thus no doubt that in our modern age, mobile-friendliness of a company’s site is one of the most important factors that must be taken into account during development. Rooibos Limited’s new website was developed to work optimally on any mobile device, no matter which brand or screen size users access it from, making it ultra-modern and technologically advanced.

“We realise that in this modern day and age, all eyes are online. As such, Rooibos Limited needs to ensure that it maintains a successful online presence. Thus, we saw the need to revamp our corporate website. We really wanted the new site to be as user-friendly as possible, while still being functional and accessible to anyone looking to learn more about Rooibos and Rooibos Limited around the globe,” explained Gerda De Wet, Communication Manager of Rooibos Limited.

According to De Wet, the website will be maintained on a regular basis too. This way, they are ensuring that the new website remains dynamic. One way in which they are going to do this is by uploading the latest news regarding Rooibos and the industry to the news section of the website. These articles will attract a lot of traffic, as the news section has been designed with search engine optimization (SEO) criteria in mind. Rooibos Limited wants to position itself as an authoritative body when it comes to sharing information about Rooibos. By creating content for the website that is SEO-ready, users that are searching for news or information about Rooibos will see Rooibos Limited’s site as one of the first results on the search engine they are using.

Functionality that has been added to the new site are features that enable users to easily sign up to receive the latest digital newsletters from Rooibos Limited. Once a week, Rooibos Limited distributes a magazine-like digital mailer with all sorts of interesting Rooibos titbits to a database of subscribers. These mailers have become rather popular in the Rooibos community and the company hopes to reach even more people by making it easier for them to opt in to receiving these materials.

Possibly one of the best additions to the new website is the fact that it is very easy to navigate. Users can easily make use of a clean, state-of-the-art menu bar to get to the page they are interested in. If they are looking for something specific, they have the option of using a search button that is available on every page of the website and will scan the entire site for information relating the search term entered by users. Rooibos Limited wants to make it as quick and easy as possible for people to find the information they are looking for. Subsequently, this has led to the development of a site that navigates like a dream. 

To visit Rooibos Limited’s stunning new corporate website, one can go to For more news and updates regarding the company and the Rooibos industry, customers can visit Rooibos Limited’s Facebook page.