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About The Rooibos Limited Family

Your first & finest since 1954

Who we are

Rooibos Ltd is the oldest and largest Rooibos processor in the world. Rooibos Ltd’s roots run deep and have been inextricably intertwined with our unique industry’s history since its humble birth many years ago. Originally established as the Rooibos Tea Control Board in 1954, we were tasked with regulating a fledgling industry and imposing quality standards which would make worldwide distribution a reality. Then, in 1993, our company privatized and Rooibos Ltd as we know it today was formed. Since then, we have relentlessly worked on our vision of making Rooibos a worldwide winner and have exported to in excess of 50 countries globally.

Our Management Team

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Our Administration Team

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Our Values

Rooibos Ltd believes in building lasting relationships with all stakeholders in the value chain, from
our farmers all the way through to our clients, in a way that builds real value for everyone involved.


Rooibos Ltd employees are empowered to be self-reliant and innovative in our thinking and a flat management structure ensures that everyone has a voice. We also offer full traceability on all product back to source and, as a responsible business, hold FSSC22000 certification, giving peace of mind to clients that their product is processed to the highest possible standards.


We believe that the long-term health of the industry is beneficial to everyone in the Rooibos value chain. As such, we offer hands-on support to our farmers by providing research, technical assistance and advice, assistance with primary processing, guidance on various certifications and their processes/requirements, and much more. Our own factories are also aimed towards a zero waste culture and we have one of the largest solar installations in Southern Africa to assist us in offsetting our carbon footprint.

Social Responsibility

Rooibos Ltd knows that it would be nothing without its people. The Rooibos production area encompasses a tiny region in a close-knit community and we believe that the prosperity of the members of our community is our prosperity too. As such, we provide strong support in sports, academic and cultural initiatives for our local community, that embody our philosophy that a healthy body houses a healthy mind.


At Rooibos Ltd, we firmly believe that the success of one is the success of all and that we all have one common goal – the long-term success of our singularly unique industry. This means that we pride ourselves on building lasting relationships with all stakeholders in the Rooibos industry and that these relationships are built on transparency, trust and mutual positive growth.


As the oldest and largest processor in the world, Rooibos truly runs in our veins. Our knowledge is built up over generations of people passionate about Rooibos. This, coupled with innovative thinking and world-class quality standards, means that we remain on the forefront of developments in the industry and that we are able to offer our clients what they need, when they need it and with unmatched service levels that are a testament to the pride we take in our work.

Our Vision

To establish Rooibos internationally as a worldwide winner

Our Mission

The goal-directed enhancement of the production, processing and international marketing of unique Rooibos products and services for the benefit of all supportive stakeholders, with special reference to:

Our Experience

For over 70 years, Rooibos Limited has been a provider of a wide variety of products, designed to meet the needs of our customers. With our immense expertise and attention to detail, we have created and perfected our product range to ensure each client is getting the highest quality experience.

Why Rooibos Limited

Your first & finest since 1954

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Certifications and Accreditations

Discover Rooibos Limited’s array of prestigious certifications and accreditations, affirming our commitment to quality and sustainability.

Corporate Social Responsibility

The history and success of Rooibos Ltd is deeply intertwined with that of our community and its people. As such, we are powerfully committed to giving back. As a company, we strive to add value to our community and our employees on a practical and tangible basis, through sponsorships in the fields of sports, the arts and academics. We believe that a healthy body nurtures a healthy mind and actively support initiatives in our community within these fields.
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