In a world where colours speak volumes, the Rooibos Tea Pantone® hue is stealing the show.
Nico Slinger (De Lille Farming), a farmer based in Clanwilliam, recently walked away as the winner of the annual Rooibos Producer of the Year competition.
Rooibos Limited is proud to work with a group of dedicated employees who have given significant portions of their professional lives in service of our company. 
Drinking tea is more than just enjoying a flavourful beverage. It has been part of almost every culture for thousands of years, with every country moulding their respective tea-drinking ceremony around their social values and traditions.
Rooibos is one cuppa you need to stock up on this winter to help boost your immunity as the temperature drops.
Despite the destruction that heavy rain and floods have caused to large parts of the Cederberg in recent weeks, Rooibos fields remain largely intact.