To Maintain A Healthy Gut This Holiday Season, Drink Rooibos

From cocktail parties and Christmas feasts to New Year’s Eve festivities, the end-of-year holidays are synonymous with social gatherings and delicious, but often rich and indulgent food and alcoholic excesses that can become a challenge for the digestive system. 

What are the expectations for this year’s Rooibos harvest?

The recent drought negatively impacted the production of Rooibos. As a result, the demand for Rooibos exceeded supply, and Rooibos prices increased. This influenced the domestic market where price sensitivity decreased the demand for Rooibos by 30% over the past three years. During the same period, the demand for Rooibos in Japan increased by 100%.

Cheers to drinking on a budget this summer

Rooibos is still one of the most affordable beverages amidst rising food prices, the VAT increase and inflation. According to the SA Rooibos Council, “Hot drinks, which includes tea, coffee and other speciality drinks, only saw an inflationary increase of 4.8% in comparison to cold drinks which rose by 7%.”

How Rooibos can help to alleviate the symptoms of seasonal allergies

Prof Jonny Peter, Head of the Allergy and Immunology Unit at the University of Cape Town’s Lung Institute, told CapeTalk’s #WeekendBreakfast host Africa Melane about the studies they are conducting to determine the impact of Rooibos on allergic inflammation. Laboratory studies have shown Rooibos has a positive effect on allergy-prone cells.

Rooibos – a uniquely South African story

This blog on the MyKitchen website provides a beautiful overview of the Rooibos story – from how it became part of the tea-drinking culture in the Cederberg region during the 19th century to finding ways to germinate Rooibos seeds in the 1930s.

How tea has empowered women through the ages

For centuries, drinking tea has played a central role in the lives of women across the globe. Women like British born Mary Tuke (1725-72) was among the first tea merchants to build a chain of tea stores.