Rooibos: More than just a time

Drinking tea is more than just enjoying a flavourful beverage. It has been part of almost every culture for thousands of years, with every country moulding their respective tea-drinking ceremony around their social values and traditions.

What are the expectations for this year’s Rooibos harvest?

The recent drought negatively impacted the production of Rooibos. As a result, the demand for Rooibos exceeded supply, and Rooibos prices increased. This influenced the domestic market where price sensitivity decreased the demand for Rooibos by 30% over the past three years. During the same period, the demand for Rooibos in Japan increased by 100%.

Drinking Rooibos could help team SA bring home the gold

As the excitement continues to mount in the countdown to the Tokyo Olympic Games, athletes will have trialled numerous dietary supplements to give them a competitive edge in the hope to set new records and bring home the gold.

China’s first Rooibos Experience Bar

China’s first Rooibos Experience Bar has been opened at the Royce Hotel in Shenzhen’s Nanshan district. Visitors are encouraged to come on over and experience a range of Rooibos cocktails and flavoured teas.

Rooibos bra shines spotlight on breast cancer

A beautiful pink bra, made almost entirely of used Rooibos tea bags, has been created by a leading lingerie brand to shine the spotlight on breast cancer which affects 1 in 27 women in South Africa.