Drinking Rooibos can help to improve concentration during exams

Rooibos contains antioxidants and compounds that can help people cope with the impact of stress on their health. When free radicals cause oxidation, they damage the healthy cells which could hinder one’s ability to learn and retain information. Rooibos counters this by reducing the effect of oxidative by-products in neural pathways, thereby stimulating concentration. This means you can boost your brain by drinking Rooibos.

The stress hormone cortisol, which is elevated during exam time, increases inflammation and intensifies the production of free radicals. Rooibos contains compounds that help to fight inflammation and oxidative damage.

Rooibos is a cleaner-burning and longer-lasting fuel for the body since it contains no caffeine or tannin. An added bonus is that it also relieves tension and headaches. What’s more, Rooibos can be enjoyed as hot drink, iced tea or in ice lollies.

Read more about the ability of Rooibos to help reduce stress and improve focus. The articles below also contain recipes for iced tea and ice-lollies made with Rooibos.

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