Iconic Rooibos becomes Proudly South African

Ask any South African to name an iconic South African product, and Rooibos tea will almost certainly be among their top three. Proudly South African is delighted to announce that Rooibos Ltd, the preferred supplier of Rooibos to the food, beverage, healthcare and cosmetics industries, is now officially a Proudly South African member company.

Cited as one of our country’s success stories, Rooibos can be found in over 60 countries worldwide. Following the establishment of the Rooibos Tea Board in 1954, Rooibos has enjoyed standardised and recognised quality levels and regulated pricing. In 1993, the Board was wholly privatised and now trades as Rooibos Ltd.

“Having such a classic South African brand as part of the Buy local campaign is very significant for us,” said Proudly SA CEO, Eustace Mashimbye. “Rooibos is synonymous with South Africa, and so there is 100% synergy between Proudly South African and Rooibos Ltd.”

Said Gerda de Wet, Communication Manager of Rooibos Ltd, “Of course, we have always been a proudly South African, home-grown tea, but to be Proudly South African with a capital ‘P’ endorses Rooibos Ltd and makes us part of this important movement. Rooibos Ltd accounts for 230 jobs, while our suppliers employ 4 000 people. The Rooibos industry as a whole represents 6 500 jobs, so buying local really matters when it comes to tea!”

Rooibos Ltd has a 70% market share, with suppliers from around 200 farms. It blends and packages Rooibos under its private label, and it supplies Rooibos to other commercial FMCG, healthcare and cosmetics companies all over the world.

For more information on Proudly South African visit www.proudlysa.co.za.