New Rooibos Tea Brand Launches in Taiwan

In Taiwan, a new Rooibos tea brand has taken the country by storm! Sold by a company called Xiancui, their range of Rooibos is affectionately named “South African National Treasure Tea”. This apt description of Rooibos has led to many people in Taiwan trying the tea from South Africa for the first time – and they are loving it!

Xiancui has said that they are distributing their products at an immense pace to keep up with the growing demand. They are also running a range of promotions, like buy-one-get-one-free offers to further incentivise consumers to try their Rooibos brand. According to them, one of the main reasons why this tea is so popular is because it is caffeine-free and offers many health benefits to those who drink it. 

Even their packaging features hints of the South African flag!

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