Rooibos could protect against Alzheimer’s Disease

Postdoctoral fellow Dr Taskeen Docrat from the Cape Peninsula University of Technology has won first prize at the recent Virtual Postdoctoral Research Summit. She won the prize for the best elevator pitch on this topic: The Abili “Tea” Of Rooibos to Protect Against Alzheimer’s Disease.

“The protective functions of the widely consumed Rooibos herbal tea are of growing interest. Our research is unique as limited information on how Rooibos affects the brain exists. We aim to establish the neuroprotective mechanisms exerted by the antioxidant compounds in Rooibos for the prevention of Alzheimer’s disease and related disorders,” Dr Docrat said.

The difficulty of this Summit was to pitch a very complex research proposal in less than three minutes. Breaking down hard-to-understand scientific facts is no easy task! But, it seems that she managed very well after being crowned the winner. 

She will be continuing her research on the effect of Rooibos on Alzheimer’s Disease in 2021.

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