Rooibos tea included as one of the top superfoods of 2021

IOL recently spoke with Mbali Mapholi, an established dietician, to help them pick the trendiest superfoods and explains why they will be getting all the attention in 2021.

Mapholi included Rooibos as one of the top superfood products to look out for next year.

For the longest time Rooibos tea had taken a back seat in the superfoods lists due to a lack of awareness of its properties. I think in 2021 we will see a comeback of this South African original as people are more mindful of their health and beverages that complement it,” she said.

She went on to explain that Rooibos tea earns a spot on the list due to its striking antioxidant profile and that it is exceptionally low in tannins. The tea’s versatility makes it easy to incorporate into the whole family’s lifestyle. It can be served hot or cold and has a range of culinary applications from baking, cooking, and desserts to name a few.

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