Tick Tock has created new Chai Relax and Ginger Boost teas

The popular UK-based tea brand, Tick Tock, has recently launched their new Chai Relax and Ginger Boost tea products! According to them, both teas are refreshing and completely caffeine-free.

They are made using Rooibos as a main ingredient too. The Chai Relax tea has been described as a drink that will help you float away to your happy place with cinnamon, ginger, cardamom, rooibos and natural vanilla. Gently spiced and subtly sweet for that ultimate relaxation treat.

Their Ginger Boost tea helps you bolster your natural defences with fiery ginger, lemon, elderberry, echinacea and rooibos. Just the ticket you need to feel soothed and revived.

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