1. Preparing seed beds and sowing seeds during late summer

2. Nurturing seedlings

3. Transplanting seedlings to plantations during winter months

4. The first crop can be expected 18 months later

5. Rooibos is harvested once a year between January and April

6. The cuttings are tied up into bundles ready for transportation


7. The yield is off-loaded at the factory and cut to even length

8. The cuttings are arranged into heaps and bruised to release enzymes responsible for oxidation

9. After proper airing and watering the Rooibos is left to ferment

10. The Rooibos changes from green to its distinctive amber colour

11. The fermented Rooibos is spread out to dry under the summer sun

12. The dried Rooibos is collected and bagged for further processing

13. After screening, blending and steam treatment the final product is packaged and distributed around the world where more than six billion cups of this remarkable beverage are drunk every year