The Cederberg Region

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Rooibos only grows in the mountainous Cederberg region 250 km to the north of Cape Town. Here, the clean air and pure mountain streams nourish the mountain slopes on which Rooibos is grown.

The Cederberg Mountains are known for their extraordinary rock formations, well-preserved prehistoric rock paintings by the early San people, and the rare Clanwilliam Cedar trees from which the area takes its name. Wild leopards still roam the area.

The scenic beauty of the Cederberg Mountains invites people to explore the area. The area offers some of the best hiking trails in the country. Visitors can also discover the quaint villages, mountain passes and secluded valleys by car.

For a few short weeks during spring each year, the entire region is transformed into a brilliant tapestry of multicoloured wild flowers. During this time, botanists, photographers and travellers from all over the world visit the Cederberg to witness one of the world’s great floral spectacles.